Lay climatology (and other unscientific predilections)

Why don’t I blog more? Because I feel that what I have to say, along with most of what is written in the blog-o-sphere, is not worth hearing. Blog to stay in touch? Feels too much like those mass e-mails I never really liked. Maybe the wee Luddite inside me is just crying to get out and knows I’m in no means breaking the machine when I blog away in what may as well be an extended ‘tweet’.

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VIU – Season 1

So here in the final days of class at my newly adopted institution I find myself looking back thoughtfully, trying to construct what I’ve learned in this recent twelve week furry. Well, first and foremost I’ve learned that undergraduate program requirements are bullshit. Not bullshit in the sense that they don’t apply to me, or that they don’t have a useful function, but bullshit in the sense that some of them are as well planned (and unfortunately as difficult) as your average CTS (remember those?) module was in high school. And with disdain I must admit that another trend has been showing itself in my ‘core’ courses as in those CTS classes; they’ve become my lowest marks.
Yes, I, a supposed adult of 25 years has accomplished the feat of barely passing an introductory physics midterm. Let me clarify what I mean by intro: Eric, think Mr. Cameron if he was stoned in class instead of just the night before, and Ben, think Trinity circa. Grade 9 most likely.
As my one saving grace in this circumstance, the same weekend leading up to said midterm I also pulled out of my hairy Irish asshole one mighty fine philosophy paper, if I do say so myself. I think it will give me some fodder for argument with those prissy friends of mine who already have letters after their names.
I think you’d all be interested to know that VIU is the only institution I’ve ever encountered where one has not only the option of pursuing a major in sciences, humanities, forestry or aquaculture, but also certificates in carpentry, baking or Aboriginal construction (and here I thought they just fornicated like the rest of us to reproduce). The whole thing of course supplemented with the ample sprinkling of foreign BBA students whose parents are unwittingly sponsoring our *ahem* ‘real’ degrees. It certainly makes for an interesting student body and hodgepodge of conversations in the library, and goes a long way to explain why I had (until recently) never heard of this institution with a reported eight thousand students.
Hopefully I’ll find here interesting enough freedom and research opportunities here to join you all in the throes of graduate study soon enough. By that time you’ll all proabably be PhD’s and I’ll have to bitch about that instead.