Into the Fray

Another semester begins, and I start on the task of organizing myself and my studies. Like a four month marathon, undergraduate sometimes feels like an attempt to go as far as you can without draining your reserves.

I’ve worked out a light schedule of upper year classes that could fit into a number of larger scale-plans, but am trying to focus more on the learning itself. It’s difficult not to continually try and fit a program of study into a career plan and ask one-self, “Where will I be and how much will I be making five years from this juncture?” We’ve been encouraged to think like this since junior high, but where would we be if science had been exclusively driven in this way?
My tri-arch is a crash course in the humanities; theories of justice, human rights and the socio-politico-ecological chimera known as political ecology. The political ecology I’ve elected to do as a directed studies. As such, it will require the most organization and planning on my part. At this point I don’t even think I could define the phrase.
The real compliment for my education from this semester will be composition and advanced literacy. Though natural sciences require a high degree of theoretical understanding, the are repute for their lacking in other areas. Physical science rarely requires that we work through complex arguments of highly abstract concepts. Even though we can’t see an atom or its quantum machinery, everything we say about it is elucidated directly from empirical evidence. How can we possibly apply this to inalienable human rights? Or the idea of what we ‘should and shouldn’t’ be concerned about when it comes to global climate change?
I hope to build some of the idea for myself, and keep a regular account on this blog. Consider it another addition to the plethora of information circulating in ephemeral cyberspace, to be preserved or discarded as our cyborg society sees fit.


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