Silent Crimes – Violence Against Women

The other day I witnessed the aftermath of a violent crime. The injuries were not life threatening, but they were disturbing. I was near Franklin Avenue, the main street in Yellowknife on the evening of Wednesday, June 21 when I heard a car horn. I turned to look and saw a person sitting in the middle of a crosswalk with a large black truck stopped just in front. I was worried she had been hit (she had, though not by the truck), so I ran to see if I could help. When I got there her nose was bleeding, her eye was swelled shut. She had been hit so hard half the eye lashes were missing from her lower eye lid and were scattered across her cheek. The man in the truck had witnessed the assault and honked his horn to scare off the assailant. Once I arrived he went off to pursue the young man while I stayed with the victim. It was no random act; the young man was her boyfriend. Continue reading


Cities of Animals: The Ethics of Habitat Destruction

I was recently told that roughly eighty percent of the North American peregrine falcons breed in the Mackenzie River valley. I didn’t read it in the literature as it were, but was told by someone with decades of monitoring experience there, so I’ll take it on faith for now. What it immediately brought to mind was the Colorado River, renowned for no longer reaching the ocean.

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The Power of Not Voting

This post is an exercise in rhetoric, and while the author does endorse the arguments herein, individuals should contemplate their decision carefully before deciding to refrain from casting a vote and instead consider a redoubling of efforts to voice dissent in other ways.


Sometimes one is inclined to express dissatisfaction with political order and government decision making. In the myriad of information and popular opinion, it is increasingly easy to see one’s own views sinking into the depths of obscurity and wonder if there is any way to be heard. For those of us who have been raised under democratic regimes the expectation was that agency could be expressed through the political selection practised in secret ballots. Unfortunately, no proportional system of representation can even pretend to offer any real translation of this agency.

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