“The greatest moral challenge of this century.”

The above is from a recent book review I found on the Guardian website. So what exactly is the greatest moral challenge of the 21st century? Global warming, food security, biodiversity? It actually comes from a far more gruesome place:

Gradually, they (Wudunn and Kristoff) began to see this great global disaster more clearly, discovering that, every year, at least two million girls worldwide disappear because of discrimination. They began to investigate and chronicle its various forms, from sexual slavery to honour killings of women deemed to have disgraced the family, to rape as an extension of war, to genital mutilation, to the less violent but no less damaging exclusion of women from health services and education.


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Visualizations and Connectivity

Scanning some random images of pollen electron microscopy recently I was thinking I should fix the overall tone of my writing to reflect how I really feel about the world: two parts frustrated consternation to one part head-scratching awe.

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