All Art is Ekphrasis

The difficulty of originality is often lamented by those who endeavour to create, regardless of the medium. While it isn’t true that no art is original, there is no possibility of creating without drawing upon the awesome cannon of existing works. A human child left to their own devices would not be able to develop language let alone the fine crafts of verse, prose and rhetoric. Similarly a three year old with a high hat will not be able to derive the processes that drove the compositions of Schubert. (But Jonah might have a good chance.)

This is not lamentable, but rather it is the reaffirmation of the celebration that is creation itself. It is rather unfortunate that religious literalists take issue with the claims of science when in the light of allusion and allegory the story of creation becomes not a fact of revelation but rather a beautiful interpretation of the tenet that existence itself is a never-ending act of creation.


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