Bab al Yaman


Historic District of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a. Photo courtesy (click for link)

The historic district of the Yemeni Capital, Sana’a. Yemen is in flames, and the youth are understandably upset. The current leader, president Ali Abdulla Saleh has been in power for thirty-two years in various reinventions of the government and has just imposed severe measures including suspending the constitution limiting the freedom of the press and increased powers of detention due to the deep rift within the populace and increasingly within the military.

This comes at the time of increased clashes across the Arab world, the ongoing crisis in Libya, recent regime change in Egypt, and the continued use of Saudi forces to quash protests in Bahrain. If you put them all together you can’t help but notice that much of North Africa and the Middle-East are ablaze.


The Port of Aden. Courtesy WikiCommons.

Reasons for continued support of the Saleh regime in Yemen could easily be linked to US control of the port of Aden, participation in nuclear nonproliferation, worries about Al Qaeda or more radical forces taking power or a military coup and subsequent oppressive dictatorships, amongst others.

These events, especially when viewed in conjunction, are not normal news. This sort of unrest is not commonplace. It has already involved western resources and military. Remember, the only assurance for peace is vigilance. The protests in the news these days are fulled by disenfranchised youth, many probably around our own age. Can we really ignore the voices of hundreds of millions of our peers? Don’t they deserve the same freedoms and opportunities we’ve enjoyed?

Sift through the media and find the groundings for your own opinions, it isn’t hard.


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