The Un-founding of A Contemporary Political Ecology: An Introduction

For the first four months of 2010 I spent a great deal of time trying to elucidate, as a member of the pos-post-modernist era (an era so ill-defined we haven’t gotten around to naming it yet), what a political ecology means. Beyond just defining this broad term, I had tasked myself with building it particularly in the context of social problems such as crime, abuse, poverty and homelessness. The ecological enters from my faith based belief that the formula for human happiness includes an inextricable coupling of the natural and artificial worlds.

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Sociological Sophistry

The best thing I did in 2010 was to drop a course because it had a seventy dollar course pack, it was difficult to decide because t he subject matter was interesting and could well be integral to any work I ever look to do in the social sciences. I don’t blame the prof. for the price of the package, he was working from the broader literature at his disposal. Continue reading